Laser Cutting Services

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Laser Cutting Services

Mulan MFG provides professional online laser cutting services, custom-cutting metal sheets according to product design and usage requirements, applied to: industrial product parts, decorative materials, and artworks.

The reason why metal laser cutting is widely used in the manufacturing industry is that it has a low-cost and high-efficiency manufacturing process to complete the graphic design of the product by cutting materials.

china laser cutting services

We have a strong sheet material catalog, with more than 99 metal sheets for you to choose from, and complete any product design you want within 30 minutes, including: badges, jewelry, models, artworks, logos, frames, toys, shells , Business cards, and semi-finished materials needed to manufacture sheet metal bending products.

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Advantages of laser cutting Services

Cut all types of metals, especially high-carbon steel & wear-resistant steel & stainless steel, and ensure clean surfaces and edges.

  • Has good repeatability.
  • Cut the details in the design very well.
  • It can cut out very complicated plane graphics.
  •  After cutting, clean and neat edges.
  • Fast and efficient process, competitive cost-effective.
  • Wide range of materials to meet the needs of various products.
  • Fast turnover, complete small batch orders within 1 hour, no inventory funds are required.
  • Very friendly to creative ideas, you can change the design at any time.
  • Very low cost investment, starting at $1.
  • The cutting accuracy is very good, and precision accessories can be manufactured.

Laser Cutting ServicesMaterial Solution

The real material report and performance test report will be delivered to the customer together with the product.

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