Metal Casting Services

  • Low cost casting mold manufacturing.
  • Precision dimensional tolerances.
  • Strong catalog of metal materials.
  • One-stop metal casting services.

Metal Casting Services

Mulan MFG provides a variety of metal casting services to meet the product manufacturing of various industries with efficient work and the most competitive factory prices.

Focusing on metal casting services for more than 20 years, the company is equipped with professional casting mold manufacturing, product casting, metal heat treatment and other departments to provide global customers with one-stop metal casting production solutions.

China Precision Meta casting services

Through a variety of metal casting services, such as aluminum die casting, investment casting, sand casting, precision shell sand casting, etc., we can produce perfect metal parts and components.

Our capabilities can range from small (15g) products to automobile manufacturing 、 aerospace industry、Railway projects、municipal construction facilities etc. (300kg-2Ton) metal casting parts.

And provide one-stop processing and manufacturing services including: cnc machining services, metal heat treatment, surface spraying, chemical coating, etc.

If you are looking for a reliable metal casting supplier, please contact Mulan MFG team now.
We provide first-class metal casting services to help you solve the quality concerns of metal casting and optimize cost-effectiveness.

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china precision metal casting services

Mulan MFG's
metal casting Services advantages

A full range of metal casting foundries with strong competitiveness.

1. Provide complete metal casting services and integrate multiple casting processes.
2. Professional customized high-quality metal casting services, on-demand service, and manufacturing according to drawings.
3. Help customers optimize product design and improve casting performance and efficiency.
4. The manufacturing environment is clean, pollution-free and environmentally friendly.
5. Liquid metal flow testing and evaluation, eliminating quality hazards.
6. Focus on metal casting parts with complex shapes.
7. Short-term rapid turnover ability.
8. Professional English technical team, quick docking to help solve technical problems.
9. A strong list of metal materials to meet various industry requirements.
10. Complete one-stop processing services: cnc machining, surface treatment, heat treatment, etc.
11. Real factory cost quotation, optimized low-cost control.
12. On-time delivery, safe packaging, and own transportation channels.

Metal Casting Services ability

china investment casting services

Investment Casting Services

It is usually a process in which low melting point materials such as wax, plastic foam, and 3D printing are used to create the shape of the product. Through the steps of shell making, dewaxing, drying, casting, and cooling, the liquid metal material is formed into the structure of the target product.
This is an ancient casting method. Through modern industrial progress, we can achieve very accurate customer product design, economical and efficient. It is one of the widely used metal casting processes.

aluminum die casting services

Die Casting Services

The liquid metal material is injected into the product metal cavity mold through high pressure. After a few seconds, the cooled product is ejected to complete the product manufacturing process.
Although the cavity mold requires a relatively high investment, in the mass production process, the cost of the product will be greatly reduced, and a very ideal smooth surface and precise shape structure will be obtained. It is the best for large quantities of aluminum, magnesium, zinc and other alloy products. Casting process.

china sand casting services

Sand Casting Services

The widely used metal casting process involves mixing special sand and resin and wrapping metal (usually aluminum or wood) cavity molds to obtain the outer and inner cavities of the product with sand as the main body, and inject liquid metal materials Inside the cavity, the cast product is obtained after cooling. The sand casting process has few restrictions on materials, and the surface is not as beautiful and smooth as investment casting.

Why Choose Metal Casting Services Of Mulan - MFG

As a competitive manufacturer of metal casting products, we focus on producing high-quality, high-performance casting products. Behind our rich experience, we have faced many challenges, the most stringent quality requirements, the most complex design shapes, and the most Precise size requirements.
Before starting each project, we will fully understand your product specifications and requirements, and what we ultimately want is the use environment and performance. Formulate exclusive metal casting production processes and quality inspection plans, and strictly control the development and processing of casting molds. Use technology to prevent cracks and pores and prevent defective products from being delivered.
We will mail samples to you for confirmation. You will know our capabilities and work results. If the answer is yes, then mass production will be carried out in the shortest time. If it is negative, we will immediately start the amendment plan.
In general, at Mulan MFG, we can control any quality problems and will meet all your requirements. Your product project is safe, the capital investment is cost-effective, we are the most reliable partner.

What are the capabilities of Mulan MFG's metal casting services?

Product materials of cast iron, cast steel, super duplex stainless steel, SST, copper-based and aluminum-based alloys.
Die casting (ADC12 etc.);
Surface treatment: deburring, sandblasting, anodizing, painting, printing, electroplating, high gloss, mirror polishing, blackening, powder coating, etc.

Which industries are suitable for metal casting services?

Medical – Stainless Steel 400 Series
Valve – Stainless Steel 300 Series / Carbon Steel / Copper Alloy
Marine – 300 series stainless steel / 400 series stainless steel / aluminum alloy / copper alloy
Food processing – 300 series stainless steel / 400 series stainless steel
High temperature resistant products – carbon steel / 400 series stainless steel
Electronics – pure copper
Farm Machinery – Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel / Aluminum Alloy / Copper Alloy / Cast Iron
Industrial Manufacturing – Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel / Aluminum Alloy / Copper Alloy / Cast Iron
Construction Industry – Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel / Aluminum Alloy / Copper Alloy / Cast Iron

Does Mulan MFG set the minimum order quantity?
How much can the maximum quantity be produced?

No, the production of the mold is to be developed. Once the mold is produced and the quality is recognized, then 1 product can become an order.
We can produce 30Ton metal casting products per month, within this range, we can all deliver smoothly.

Advantages of metal casting services

  • Low mold cost.
  • Close to any complex geometry.
  • Can reach precise tolerances.
  • Can create a perfect surface.
  • Wide selection of materials.
  • High efficiency manufacturing
  • The product cost is lower.

How to choose the metal casting services process correctly?

There are many ways of metal casting. The team of Mulan MFG can help you choose according to your product design. You can also choose the right metal casting process according to the following characteristics, which can reduce cost and waste, and can also achieve the expected Quality effect.

  • Material setting.
  • The surface finish and accuracy are limited.
  • Budget investment of mold.
  • Product manufacturing cost budget.
  • The number of product requirements within a time unit.
  • Material characteristics of product use environment restrictions.
  • The choice of surface treatment is restricted.

Factors affecting the quality of metal casting services?

Pouring temperature:
The temperature and casting process of each metal will be different.
Pouring rate:
During the pouring process, the balance of volume flow must be strictly controlled. High temperatures can cause pores in the product.
The speed of the casting process should be consistent with the flow direction of the entire molten metal itself.

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