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CNC Machining Services

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  • ISO 9001 – 2015 Quality Certification.
  • 5 Working Days For Delivery.
  • 60+ Metal & Plastic Materials.
  • 12 Surface Treatment Capabilities.
  • Global delivery,One-Stop Services.
  • Capital Security, Cash On Delivery.


Professional product design.
Free technical support.


Rapid prototyping machining.
Free sample supply.


On time delivery.
One-stop service

China Mulan-MFG

CNC Machining Services

Mulan MFG is provides customized CNC machining parts on-demand manufacturing services company, and professional CNC rapid prototyping and small batch CNC machining services are the industry leader and has passed ISO 9001-2015 certification.

Precision cnc machining service needs to rely on powerful production equipment resources. With sophisticated 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis CNC machining equipment, we can handle any complex prototype design and part manufacturing, and more than 60 engineering plastics and metal materials can be supplied You choose and complete any required surface treatment. Including turning, milling, wire cutting, EDM, precision grinding and other equipment, they form a complete processing line of Mulan MFG.

Saving you purchase time and improving product quality is our value. You can focus more on product marketing. Mulan MFG will become the best product supplier in your business operations and the cornerstone of your business.

Contact the Mulan MFG team immediately to start your CNC Machining parts procurement plan.

Mulan MFG

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